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The page Geoff points to has "Benor and Cohen found ... that many
non-Jews use selected Yiddishisms (especially klutz, shpiel, and
"money shmoney").

I wonder whether "money shmoney" has appeared, or risen, in usage
since the beginning of the latest recession, or perhaps specifically
at the time of the exposure of Bernie Madoff, many of whose victims
(or, it may turn out, collaborators) are Jewish.


At 11/6/2009 06:19 AM, Geoff Nathan wrote:
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>Something that may be of interest to many on this list--I was asked
>a few months ago to participate in an online survey of how American
>Jews speak English. It was rather interesting to think about the
>questions, and just yesterday I received notice that the preliminary
>results have been made available online. They had over 20,000
>respondents and the results can be found here:
>I checked with Sarah Benor, one of the researchers, and she thought
>it would be fine to send this to the list (she's also talking at
>ADS, but on a different topic).
>As they say in what is reputed to be derived from Yiddish--Enjoy!
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