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Sat Nov 7 02:31:02 UTC 2009

A.Starr Best clothing store in Chicago used to give a boy a baseball bat
with his purchase of his first pair of long pants.  I guess they were
gone by 1950

Wilson Gray wrote:
> My goodness, Alison! To be reminded of the "whiff-whiff" of corduroy
> knickers! You felt that you were attracting the attention of the
> entire world, despite the fact that no one cared, except your mom, who
> thought you were just so cute! Oh, and, if the weather was cold
> enough, we wore the lace-up boots with the jackknife pocket, over
> knee-high socks, too. If the weather wasn't cold enough for boots, the
> socks were supposed to be held up by the elastic cuffs of the
> knickers. Needless to say, the socks were down around your ankles by
> the time that you stepped off the front stoop,

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