"Yorker" (from New York) 1778 (close but probably no cigar)

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Mon Nov 9 01:36:38 UTC 2009

OED 1989 has "Yorker" = "An inhabitant or a soldier of New York" from 1776.

_The Remembrancer; or, Impartial Repository of Public Events. For the
Year 1778._
London: Printed for J. Almon, 1778
p. 28 col. 2.
[Google Books]

No Yankey, no Yorker, nor ever a Canadian, has yet been found to
offer his service.  [To steer a fire vessel "into Cul de Sac, and
there set fire to the train."]

interdates OED2 "Yorker" sense 2. 1776 - 1876.

This is an entry dated [1776] April 20, in "Journal of the most
remarkable Occurrences in Quebec, from the 14th of November, 1775, to
the 7th of May, 1776. By an Officer of the Garrison" (p. 1).


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