Post-opt for Post-op

Garson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at GMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 10 09:51:21 UTC 2009

Michael Sheehan asked
> Found on a Face Book page:  "Great post-opt appointment with the
> surgeon."  Eggcorn?
> Mike Sheehan

I think it might be an eggcorn for some speakers based on the
definition for opt given below. The "post-opt appointment" would refer
to an appointment after the phrase user opted to have a surgical
procedure performed.

Merriam-Webster: opt: to make a choice; especially: to decide in favor
of something <opted for a tax increase — Tom Wicker>

The new eggcorn meaning is imperfect because a post-op (post-opt)
meeting occurs after an operation is performed and not solely after
the decision to elect the operation. Perhaps the "post" prefix colors
the meaning of opt. In this case, post-opt refers to making a decision
and carrying through the decision.


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