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Why do you find awe-dropping more offensive than horse-droppings? This sound file seems to pronounce 'horse' the same as 'hoarse.'

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(((Excuse any hotmail junk inserted lately in plain text.)))
Wordsmith sends out in email.  This phrase below I'd never hea=
rd before and it's an interesting one.  But from the phonetic notation do w=
e really have to call it a "stocking horse".  (However=2C clicking the spea=
ker icon=2C I did hear "stalking horse" ~~staukeeng hors~~ not ~~staakeeng =
=20  The Magic of Words =20
with Anu Garg

stalking horse=20
(STAH-king HORS) =20
1. Something used to mask the true purpose.
2. A candidate put forward in an election to draw votes from another or to =
conceal another's potential candidacy.=20


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