antedating "Disneyland East"

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During the Vietnam War this was applied derisively to the Pentagon or,
alternatively, to MACV HQ in Vietnam.  The term appears to have been coined
by comedian Mort Sahl:

1960 _Time_ (Aug. 15)  [,9171,939770,00.html]:
A SAHL'S-EYE VIEW: The Unfabulous Fifties...Cape Canaveral: Disneyland East.
Bomb Tests: Contamination without representation.

1963 _Time_ (Feb. 8) [,9171,829847-2,00.html] :
"Disneyland East." In contrast, vocational training is underplayed at the
Air Academy in Colorado Springs—an 18,000-acre complex (50 times bigger than
the Naval Academy) that the other academies scornfully nickname "Disneyland


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