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At 12:29 AM -0500 11/16/09, Wilson Gray wrote:
>Sigh! I miss the indelible pencils of my pre-adolescence, when every
>English-speaking child understood intuitively that "indelible" wasn't
>merely a weakening of "delible."

Right; it's as if Fouts had warned "Careful about tossing your match
into that empty oil barrel--it's not just inflammable, it's


>Well, it was more likely the case
>that only a lexicographer had any idea that a word "delible" even
>existed. And I wouldn't even be surprised to discover that that
>announcer had no idea, either.
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>>   From one of the CBS announcers of today's Jets-Jaguars football game,
>>  after Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez is sacked in the first quarter
>>  and goes down hard:
>>  "Those type of hits leave an indelible--and sometimes a *delible* mark."
>>  Evident a delible mark is like an indelible one only more so.
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