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OED (1989) has it:
round, n.1
3. a. A rung or rundle of a ladder.
1548 ELYOT, Climacter, the rounde or step of a ladder. ...
1854 A. E. BAKER Northampt. Gloss. s.v., The common mode of describing
the length of a ladder is to call it ‘a ladder of so many rounds’.

I never knew I was climbing rundles or rounds.  - Garson

Wilson Gray said:
> Whoa! News to me! "... a ladder which we climb, _round_ by _round_
> ..." Before today, that would have been gibberish to me. Well, I would
> have read it as meaning, "one by one," "as our turns come," or some
> such, since Robert Frost's name on it would have precluded my taking
> it for gibberish.
> -Wilson
>> Jonathan Lighter
>> Yeah, Robert Frost still said "round" somewhere.  "After Apple- Picking,"
>> maybe.
>> JL
>>>Tom Zurinskas
>>> Looks like a ladder "round" has become a "rung".
>>> Tom Zurinskas, USA - CT20, TN3, NJ33, FL7+
>>> see phonetic spelling

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