Majuscules and minuscules

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Thu Nov 19 15:28:21 UTC 2009

FWIW, Klingon: The only official script is the roman(ization) that the
inventor, Dr. Marc Okrand, used in The Klingon Dictionary. (The angular
characters used in the shows and movies have never been assigned values by
Paramount and are intended purely as visual effect, although the Klingon
Language Institute has assigned values and created a font.) Okrand's
transcription uses case distinctively: e.g., q is a voiceless uvular stop,
while Q is a voiceless uvular affricate. So Klingon text does not use case
to mark sentences or proper nouns at all. Klingonists -- Klingon language
fans -- often use an asterisk before a name: HoD *Qanqor 'Captain Krankor'.

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