Pharming (genetic) and pharming (computer science)

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Looks like Sue doesn't tickle anymore, "pharma" drops the "Sue tickles".

On financial shows the term is generally "pharma" for pharmaceuticals.  I like to call it an "abbreved" word.  The term abbreve is an abbreviations of the word abbreviation.

And for joining two words together to make one, I lke the term fuzewords, rather than portmanteau words, which is an obsolete term I think.

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> Subject: Pharming (genetic) and pharming (computer science)
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> James Harbeck's post concerning the word pharmerging caused me to look
> up the word pharming and discover that OED has a nice draft entry for
> the term in its genetic sense.
> OED (DRAFT ENTRY Dec. 2008)
> pharming, n. The process of genetically modifying plants and animals
> so that they produce substances which may be used as pharmaceuticals;
> the growing or keeping of plants and animals for this purpose. Cf.
> PHARM n.
> The earliest cite is 1991 Wall St. Journal 27 August.
> A Washington Post article on the same day in 1991 mentions "a Dutch
> team from the University of Leiden and the company Gene Pharming Inc."
> This probably refers to Gene Pharming Europe B.V. of Leiden.
> In a way the existence of this company name testifies to the
> introduction of the term pharming into the language since the goal of
> the group was the commercialization of pharming. Maybe the
> incorporation papers of the company can serve as a citation?
> There is an entry in the Canadian Patents Database. The filing date is
> 1990-11-30 and the open to public inspection date is 1991-06-13. The
> applicant is Gene Pharming Europe B.V. and the patent is all about
> pharming using cows though it does not use the term pharming. This
> antedates the WSJ article but it might not be the type of cite the OED
> uses.
> A new additional definition for pharming is emerging. Dave Wilton
> mentioned it in the list archives in 2005. Wikipedia has an entry
> describing this new meaning that was begun in November 2007 and
> contains cites from 2005. The term is a neologism combining farming
> and phishing.
> Garson
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