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At 1:30 PM -0500 11/22/09, Wilson Gray wrote:
>Isn't "rode hard ..." a fixed idiom that you wouldn't expect to change?

Yup, just fun to search on.

>"Overrided" sounds so strange to me that I can see it as just a typo.
>And then there's Kiparsky's (former?) claim that derivations, in
>general, t(r)end toward regularity. The last time that I mentioned
>this claim, Larry had some things to say about it. Criticisms, IIRC.
>However, since I had no dog in that fight, I can't remember anything
>that Larry had to say.

Me neither.  So if I had a dog in that fight, it's a dead one now.  Sniff.


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>  > At 9:54 AM -0500 11/22/09, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>  >>As I was saying:
>>>A History Channel program on Pearl Harbor reports that the Emperor
>>>Hirohito's opinion that war with the U.S. would be unwise was "overrided by
>>>the military."
>>>44,000 RGs for "overrided."
>>  Lots of them probably for the preterit (vs. "overrode") rather than,
>>  as here, the participle (vs. "overridden").  Nice one, either way.
>>  To reprise an earlier thread, it's reassuring to see the
>>  regularization doesn't seem to have spread to the unprefixed case:
>>  "rode hard and put away wet":  21,700
>>  "rided hard and put away wet": 0
>>  "overridden hard and put away wet": 1
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