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Mon Nov 23 22:25:18 UTC 2009

Is "amonokerism" atheistic or agnostic?  My mother told me that
"amoral" meant "unrelated to morality", whereas "immoral" meant "not
moral".  Would the definition work -- is it what was intended? -- if
one simply replaces "atheism" in it with "agnosticism"?


At 11/23/2009 01:31 AM, Benjamin Barrett wrote:
>FWIW, Urban Dictionary accepted my proposed meaning for my proposed
>word amonokerism.
>The belief that unicorns do not exist. More generally, a form of
>atheism that considers the proof that a deity exists to be no more
>convincing than the proof that a unicorn exists.
><From Greek a = not, monokeros = unicorn (mono = one, keros = horn),
>ism = belief>
>Since I cannot deny with absolute certainty that there are no gods,
>I decided to go with amonokerism to explain my beliefs.
>Amonokerist to follow.
>Benjamin Barrett
>Seattle, WA
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