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Benjamin Barrett said:
> <From Greek a = not, monokeros = unicorn (mono = one, keros = horn), ism = belief>
> Since I cannot deny with absolute certainty that there are no gods, I decided to go with amonokerism to explain my beliefs.

The existence of a one-horned creature was reported back in 1936 in
the Time magazine article below. It was created by transplanting the
horn buds of an animal so that they were adjacent. The resulting
animal grew a single fused horn. Ringling Brothers and Barnum and
Bailey Circus displayed such an animal in the 1980s calling it a
unicorn. (Perhaps this is the animal Ron Butters mentions.)

Citation: Science: Unicorn, Time, May. 04, 1936.,9171,882648,00.html

Some religious sects experience a crisis of belief when one of their
underlying axioms is violated, e.g., the Millerites. An Amonokerist
may experience a crisis of non-belief if he or she ever encounters one
of these man-made one-horned paradoxes to the creed.

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