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Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at GMAIL.COM
Sun Nov 29 05:01:17 UTC 2009

The Oxygen cable network "for women" has been running a reality series
called "Bad Girls Club," which puts several "bold" middle- and working-class
young ladies of 20 or 21 together in a mansion with a seemingly unlimited
entertainment budget. They generally refer to each other as "bitches" in
every nuance from opprobrious through laudatory.  When really mad, they
prefer "motherf****er." (Electronic deletion supposedly protects us from the
foulest language.)

Here are some other exx.of their talk, chosen for its sociolinguistic
"She keeps callin' about this punk-ass necklace."

"Now she's just jugglin' guys up and down. Her pimp hand is strong."

"With that dead-starfish look on your face."

"It's still an up-and-down street for me 'cause I'm sorry about our fight."
(I.e., emotionally conflicted issue.)

"Take lots of vibrating penis rings."

"Somebody better apologize up the ass!" (I.e., profusely.)

"She is the most ditziest, no-knowledge-havin' bitch!"

"Well, suck my right boob!" (I.e., I hold you in contempt.)

"I had one of the hottest bang-outs ever!" (I.e., act of fornication.)

"Amber's got ass!" "She do got ass!"  (I.e., is extremely sexy.)

"I kind of forgot it was a porn until the sex scenes came up." (I.e.,
pornographic film.)

"We're all going to watch a porno."

"The Ambers are sucking Kayla's d*ck the entire day because they want to
form a clique." (I.e., playing up to her.)

"You are pimpin', girl!"   (I.e., looking quite attractive.)

"She's really pimpin' now! Gettin' around!" (I.e., socializing intensely
with the oppeosite sex.)

"Amber M. all of a sudden has a set of balls and gets loud." (I.e., the
power of assertiveness.)

"There's plenty of penis in the house and plenty of vajiji." (/v@ 'JaiJai/)

"He has a big penis. It was pierced." "Where was it pierced?" "Across." "The
Jacob's ladder!"

"Oh, tiff!" (I.e., phooey!)

"He's a hot piece of ass!"

Lots of the familiar s- and f-words too, if that even needs to be noted.


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