Origins of "soft core," "Yippies," "Twinkie defense"

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>>As to "Yippee" and "Youth International Party," the Wikipedia article on the
>>Party cites Krassner in a 2007 interview saying that he made up the term on
>>New Year's Eve of 1967, and Hoffman added the name of the party later that
>>night to add legitimacity.
>>By the second week in February in 1968, the terms were out in the popular
>>press.  No one else has ever come forth to argue with their claims--at
>>least, not that I'm aware of.
>--and (given the era) if anyone had, nobody would remember

And if you remember, you weren't there.


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>>Subject: Origins of "soft core," "Yippies," "Twinkie defense"
>>>I am currently editing an article by Paul Krassner (of "The Realist"
>>>fame) in which he claims to have coined the terms "soft core
>>>porn" (1958), "Yippies" (1967) and "the Twinkie defense" (which he
>>>says he made up in 1979 during the trial of Dan White for the double
>>>execution of SF Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk).
>>>Does anyone here know more about the origins of these terms? I assume
>>>he made up Yippies, or was at least involved in the coinage, since he
>>>was a co-founder of the Youth International Party. His telling of it
>>>in this article makes it sound like he came up with both Youth
>>>International Party and Yippies (in that order), but I've read other
>>>accounts that say Anita Hoffman came up with Youth International Party
>>>after Yippies was coined, so that the group would have a more formal
>>>name for mainstream press purposes.
>>>Any other information folks here might have would be greatly
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