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From: "Mullins, Bill AMRDEC" <Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL>

> So, uh, how many Irishmen/Provos/etc. _does_ it take to change a
> lightbulb?

Here's one version (change ethnicity at will):

        Three -- one to stand on the chair and hold the light bulb, and two
others to lift the chair and turn it around.

Another (again, change ethnicity at will) on the same lines would be:

        How does an Irishman work out how many horses there are in a field?

        He counts the number of legs and divides by four.

While it's possible to shift the ethnic identity of the figures against whom
the joke is addressed -- so you could for instance replace "Irish" in the
version above with "Polish", and I'd guess in America by "redneck" --
Dumb-As-Shit jokes aren't *absolutely trans-racial.  I can't imagine a Scot
or a Jew figuring, because anti-Scottish and anti-Jewish jokes turn on
different stereotypes, the Scots for instance being notoriously mean (in the
sense of tight with their cash).

Go figure.


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