"the apocryphal HDAS III"

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> I really think that the English have to much ego over the language they
> use as "English".  We in USA have a better counterpart and have improved
> it's spelling and I believe pronunciation (IMHO).

"It's"?   So Amglish now spells the possessive pronoun in a form identical
to that normally used as the orthographic representation of the colloquial
contracted form of "it is".

Interesting.  Learn something new everyday.  And at least the progression is
consistent -- "to" and "too" are apparently also flattened into one -- "to
much ego".

"Improved" spelling?  Oh, well ...

> We should call our version "Amglish" as opposed to "Briglish" and go our
> own way so there is no confusion.  70% of native English speakers are
> American versus 16% British.

As virtually no one in the United Kingdom would talk about a "British"
pronunciation of English (as opposed to an English, Welsh, Scottish, or
Northern or Southern Irish pronunciation, to note only a few major
divisions), if the above statement is correct, it suggests an unnerving and
unlikely homogeneity on the part of Amglish.

Oh brave New World, that hath such people in it!


> Folks learning English should be made aware of which version they are
> being taught.  And if one is teaching Amglish overseas, they'll run into
> Briglish competitors.  It comes to a head in pronunciation guides.
> Truespel phonetics presently reflects Amglish.  Not a big hit for Briglish
> speakers.  A Briglish version should be forthcoming if there's ever time
> or a volunteer.
> I wonder how many books are printed in Amglish versus Briglish?
> Tom Zurinskas, USA - CT20, TN3, NJ33, FL7+
> see truespel.com phonetic spelling

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