Rsum for R ésumé

Michael McKernan mckernan51 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 5 03:58:22 UTC 2010

2010/8/4 Mark Mandel <thnidu at>

Maybe the person who contributed that definition to Urban Dictionary saw th=
stupid-platform shortening and assumed that it was an intentional
shortening. u no, lk txt msgs.

Yes, that's certainly a possibility, not just for "Urban Dictionary," but
for the several other similar listings (and of course they could be ccing
each other...

But it appears that some online posters of their own resumes (I chose to
omit accents) are either deliberately choosing "rsum," or automatically
being truncated (by email software) into that form.  Even if the latter is
now the only case, it seems likely that sooner or later the rsum form will
gain "a life of its own" among some human writers, if not speakers.

I'm curious about this, and whether or not there are other indications of
software-driven truncations possibly coming into English usage.

Michael McKernan
Benson, Arizona

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