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Two things that the report apparently did not consider:

1) the problem is generated by the car hardware and not the physical
locking of the acceleration pedal. In other words, if the on-board
electronics interprets a signal coming from the pedals as
acceleration, there will be no record of the brake pedal even having
been pressed. So it becomes a chicken-and-egg question.

2) If indeed the trouble is human error, Toyota may still be to blame
for the simple reason that the problem is far more prevalent in Toyota
vehicles (although not even distributed between those vehicles) than
in others. That points to a design problem, not a mechanical problem.
But the company is still responsible for design flaws (see under "Ford
Pinto", etc.).

Either way, I would not jump to conclusions that NHTSA is backing
Toyota (although WSJ certainly is).


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>> At 5:17 PM -0400 8/8/10, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>> >At 8/8/2010 03:28 PM, victor steinbok wrote:
>> >>There was unquestionable cover-up, complete with the usual stages.
>> >>First, Apple denied the problem altogether. Then they agreed to
>> >>replace some phones for people who complained, but still denied the
>> >>problem. Then they offered the "bumper", but claimed it was a
>> >>good-will gesture, not a recognition of the problem. Now they are
>> >>admitting the design flaw, but still blame the user for the specific
>> >>positions of the hand that cause problems and claim that the
> "bumper"
>> >>solves the problem (it does not). Finally, the VP in charge of the
>> >>design team has resigned--will more heads roll?
>> >
>> >Are we reminded of Toyota-gate and uncontrolled acceleration?
>> >
>> >Jorl
>> >
>> That was certainly a nice, well-behaved -gate, what with their
>> attempts at denial, misreporting, and all.
> Apparently the NHTSA is backing up Toyota on this one:
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