Quote: Run the gamut of human emotion from A to B (Dorothy Parker 1934 Feb 19)

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Miss Hepburn runs the whole gamut of emotion from A to B.

The Yale Book of Quotations has a 1934 and a 1941 citation for the
remark above and a variant. Fred Shapiro notes "The comment does not
appear in Parker's printed review of The Lake (a 1934 play), so it was
presumably spoken."

The following cite which is also in 1934 gives more detail about where
and when the remark was supposedly uttered. The phrasing is slightly

Cite: 1934 February 19, Time magazine, "The Theatre: New Plays in
Manhattan: Feb. 19, 1934", Time Inc. (Time magazine online archive)

During an intermission of The Lake, Dorothy Parker remarked to others
in her party: "Well, let's go back and see Katharine Hepburn run the
gamut of human emotion from A to B."


The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations has:
11. She ran the whole gamut of the emotions from A to B.
(of Katharine Hepburn at a Broadway first night, 1933) attributed

But I was unable to find a specific citation for this information in
the reference.


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