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Shotgun house.  OED has 1938

_Fort Worth Telegram_ 12/22/1907  p 16 col 6
"It requires about 12c a day to feed each and an instance is cited in
which forty of them are comfortably domiciled in a "shotgun" house,
14x32 feet."

_Dallas Morning News_ 11/22/1911 p 4 col 1

"This "shotgun" dwelling" is the bane of housing experts throughout the

"Camelback" is a type of shotgun house with a second floor in the rear,
found in New Orleans.   See here:

for origins of the design.

Not in OED. (and I don't have DARE to look it up there)

[classified ad] New Orleans _Times Picayune_ 1/7/1923 sec 4 p 5 col 5
"DOUBLE cottage, camelback, 1015-17 Governor Nicholls, near Rampart
street; five rooms each side."

Mary Ann Livingston, "Renovation saves old area of New Orleans."
_Christian Science Monitor_ 7/20/1976 p 18 col 2
"They bought a house particularly characteristic of New Orleans:  a
camelbacked double shotgun, as it is called."

ADAM NOSSITER "Feeding the Beast for Light in New Orleans" _New York
Times_ Nov 30, 2005; p A19 col 4
"The roaring beast gives back power in exchange for the gas, through
long, snaking cords running all through Ms. Solomon's frayed camelback
house I the St. Roch neighborhood, in the Eighth Ward of the city."
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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