"screw" = "copulate with", 1719

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1719 April 7.

Edward Ellis ... being bound by Recognizance to appear at the
Sessions of this Court to Answer to such[?] matters & things as
should be objected against him on his Majesty's behalf, more
especially for wittingly & willingly making or publishing ... in the
shop of Mr. Benjamin Gray Book Seller to the Damage or Defamation of
the Rev. Mr. William Boyd, saying that the sd. Mr. Boyd screwed Mr.
Longs Maid of Charlestown, he the sd. Edward Ellis there & then
appeared, and pleaded, Not Guilty.

Antedates OED2 "screw" (v.) sense 13.b.  1725 (dict.), 1796 (dict.), 1927-.

Massachusetts State Archives, Boston.
Suffolk Country CCP, General Sessions of the Peace.
Mass. 8-13A, Reel. No. 1451.
County Court Files / Sessions.
Page 228.  [Case begins on page 227.]


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