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The fiirst time I remember hearing the phrase "nut bar" (as a variation of "nut", meaning crazy person) was in the movie Wayne's World 2 (1993):
Del Preston: (Goes off-topic from stage positioning): In the event of capture, I will personally distribute cyanide capsules, to be placed under the tongue like so. Any questions?

Garth: Yeah. I have a question. When exactly did you become a nut bar?

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> I know I am occasionally surprised by quite ordinary things (I live a
> sheltered life). So here's another opportunity for somebody to complain
> about another vapid post. In an LATimes story on Sharron Angle:
> > "She gave Reid the opportunity to define her as something of a nut
> > bar," said Ted G. Jelen, a political science professor at the
> > University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
> I've heard several variations on "nut", but "nut bar has not been one of
> them. But it does appear likely to be rather ordinary:
> > Those familiar with the electrogravitics research of American
> > physicist T. Townsend Brown will quickly say that he is a nut-bar.
> > Q1.) Did you like working with Peta Wilson on La Femme Nikita?
> > VON: YES. Peta is a nut bar. She has great dedication to the craft.
> > Once she is able to harness all that passion she will be a good actor.
> > Brucey plaigeized an article from a left-wing nut+bar rag...word for
> > words...cut-and-paste..with no accredication.
> > ...
> > When I sourced the post and indicated that the ENTIRE post was
> > plagiarized and gave the source, the IDIOT stated (paraphrased)
> > "thanks for posting and therefore driving traffic to the nut+bar source".
> > ...
> > When I called the nut+bar out on his vapid drivel he immediately
> > posted entirely vitriolic anti-Canadian tripe.
> > ...
> > In attempts to "Brucify" posters Brucey had posted under monikers
> > "Oracle/Will/Diefenbaker/Attak (sic) and others, the only person he
> > managed to influence was Twitless and now we have Bowie and Maz
> > conversing with this heluim-weight nut+bar.
> > ...
> > Brucey is a nut+bar of MONUMENTAL proportions and everything he posts
> > that is not totally illiterate is plaigerized.
> The last source is Canadian and I love the use of "accreditation" in the
> first line (one A-word is much like the other). But "nut bar" in the
> comment about Peta Wilson (another Canadian) appears to mean something
> else entirely. Is there a nut bar for nut bars?
> VS-)
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