Charles C Doyle cdoyle at UGA.EDU
Fri Aug 13 13:17:42 UTC 2010

So:  In its current expanded use, the word "typo" probably includes the sense  of 'accidental' misspellng.  That is, a student's spelling of "occurrence" as "occurance" or "separate" as "seperate" would not be a typo (in whatever manner of text-production, unspellchecked), since most students are certain that's actually how the words are spelled.

Similarly, I expect, with "thinko" or "speako" or "chiselo" or other analagous forms, real or imaginable. The meaning-laden element "-o" in those words, obviously, comes from "typographic"--"typo" having been reanalyzed as "type" + "-o" (cf. "chocoholic," etc.)


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