go-to = 'frequently or most commonly chosen' PLUS "strategery" gets serious

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at GMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 13 21:58:22 UTC 2010

A fashion consultant on NPR yesterday explained that denim is "the go-to
garment [sic] for many people."  (Denim is a fabric, not a garment.)

On the same day I heard a twentysomething say, with no trace of irony, "We
need to change our strategery."  His interlocutor nodded, also with no irony
in evidence.

Even if, as is remotely possible, both people were ROTFL *inside*, no
eavesdropper, including innocent tots and eager learners of ESL, could have
deduced it.  I thus prophesize that irony-free "strategery" will prosper.

"If the truth is half as bad as I think it is, you can't handle the truth."

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