drink the kool-aid (1982, 1985)

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> But also check the OED citations for "Kool-Aid". The earliest is 1927
> (Kool-Ade), but there is a Facts on File quote from 1978 referring
> specifically to Jonestown. The interesting one is the one that follows
> after the one for Jonestown:
>> 1979 Washington Post 14 Jan. G8/1 No doubt about it, if he had ordered
>> the SS to pass around the Kool-Aid [at the Nuremberg rally], all those
>> crewcut Nazis would have tossed it back with the same fervor with
>> which they cheered Hess' ravings.
> It does not contain the specific phrasing "drink the Kool-Aid", but it
> does carry the same meaning.

Noted by Bill Mullins in 2006:



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