"take a Dixie"

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At 3:30 PM -0400 8/15/10, George Thompson wrote:
>Bob Uecker, the radio broadcaster of the Milwaukee Brewers, is 76
>and recovering from heart surgery.  The NYTimes of Saturday quotes
>"We always joke abut this stuff," Uecker said, using a phrase to
>connote his mortality.  "Like if I ever took a Dixie on the road,
>don't send me home, keep me with the team, keep me on ice and then
>bring be back.  Hey, I want to come back with you guys."

According to a WikiAnswers response to "What does 'take a Dixie' mean",
"Dixie's a powder. I'm sure you have heard the term "take a powder'."

My own WAG was that Dixie is south, and going south, well,...


>This is not in HDAS, (which does have, under "Dixie" "whistle Dixie
>-- See whistle".  If only I could.)
>How is it to be explained?  Connected with a Stephen Fosterish
>vision of Dixie as a mysterious land beyond?
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