"Thanks! I Needed That!"

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Sun Aug 22 17:33:57 UTC 2010

At 8/22/2010 10:49 AM, Ben Zimmer wrote:
>A few years later, in 1957, another plane crash movie was released --
>"Zero Hour!", which served as the basis for "Airplane!" The makers of
>"Airplane!" bought the rights to "Zero Hour!", so they were able to
>crib dialogue verbatim. This video has a side-by-side comparison of
>scenes from the two movies:
>About 2 minutes in there's a scene with a woman screaming, "I've got
>to get out of here!" In "Zero Hour!" a man just shakes here, but in
>the "Airplane!" version, she's shaken, slapped, and otherwise abused
>by a series of passengers. Anyway, no "thanks" here either, so that
>doesn't really help us.

Is there different scene in "Airplane" which does have a slap and
"Thanks! I Needed That!", perhaps in the cockpit?  Or am I
half-remembering such an incident from some other of Leslie Nielson's
spoof movies?

"Airplane" is 1980.  Has anyone searched Gann's 1953 "The High and
the Mighty" yet?


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