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  Latin America 1890 --> 1872 --> 1862 [published in 1863]
The American Annual Cyclopædia and Register of Important Events of the
Year 1869. Vol. IX. NY: 1870
America. p. 16/2
> Besides Chili, the model republic of Latin America, Mexico, Colombia,
> Peru, and especially the Argentine Republic, under the wise
> administration of President Sarmiento, enjoyed a year of peace, and in
> many respects a year of real progress.
The Living Age. Vol. 91. No. 1176. Fourth Series No. 37. 15 December 1866
Reorganization of the French Army. From the Economist, Nov. 10. p. 694/2
> The Emperor dreads very properly the subordination of the Latin race
> to the Teutonic and Anglo-saxon, but how is it to be avoided while
> they both increase incessantly, and the Latin either remains
> stationary, or, as in Latin America, positively declines by intermixture ?
Executive Documents Printed by the Order of the House of Representatives
During the Third Session of the Thirty-Seventh Congress. 1862-'63.
Volume 6. Washington: 1863
Executive Document No. 54. Present Condition of Mexico
Documents accompanying the report of the Secretary of State relative to
Mexico. Correspondence.
[Index to the documents remitted by this legation to the Department of
State of the United States, annexed to his note of this date, upon the
action of the American republics in consequence of the conduct pursued
by France in Mexico. p. 155]
No. 3. [Translation] Santiago, April 30, 1862. p. 158-9
> Doubtless, and unhappily for all Latin America, its period of trials
> is not yet ended, and that, although in a few years it accomplished
> its emancipation from Spain, obtaining thereby the triumph of the
> first part of the revolution—independence—it has not finished the most
> difficult portion of its task, the completion of its political and
> social transformation.
> ...
> On the other hand, honorable exceptions are not lacking to Latin
> America, and among others let me be allowed to allude to Chili, which
> for more than thirty years has witnessed the constitutional
> transmission of public powers, and whose fundamental charter dates
> from 1833.
> ...
> Therefore the government of this republic, with its sincere purpose
> and constant yearning to increase the breadth and strength of the
> cordial and friendly ties, and the commercial relations which bind it
> with France, England, and Spain, and in its strong desire that far
> from being weakened, the sympathies of Latin America with such powers
> may increase, has believed that it should promptly manifest to their
> governments the sentiments I have expressed
> ...
> D. Manuel Carvallo, Envoy Extraord'ry and Minister Plenip'ry of Chili
> at London.
> Washington, August 26, 1862. A true copy.

There might have been a couple of other hits in intervening years, but
nothing else prior to 1863 that I found.


On 8/22/2010 9:09 PM, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
> Latin America (OED 1890)
> 1872 _The Cuban Question in the Spanish Parliament_ 24 (JSTOR)  Spain aspiring to be the organ of Latin-America in the old continent.
> Fred Shapiro

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