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Wilson Gray wilsongray at UCDAVIS-ALUMNI.COM
Tue Aug 24 17:51:46 UTC 2010

I'm reminded of a current TV commercial voice-over which points out to
the listener that life is like being stopped at a railroad crossing as
a long freight train passes. It may seem that the train's passage will
never end. But, after a while, the caboose passes and the train is
gone. In like manner, even though you may feel that something that
hasn't *yet* happened won't *ever* happen, it probably *will* happen,
if you live long enough.


Clearly, I've now lived long enough for it to have happened. And the
worst part is that, as is the case with most people, I have a lot of
friends with whom I've long meant to correspond. But, somehow, I've
never gotten the necessary round tuit. Now, will I, nill I, I *have*
gotten around to it. With spam in *Spanish* that, according to the
"Grand Googly," to borrow a term from an ANS-friend, originated in
*China*! *Most* embarrassing! According to an e-mail from the
aptly-named site, insecure.com, not only every person, but every
*thing* in my address book - from Amazon to both  the U of California
Agriculture Alumni Association (CAAA) *and* the U of California
Agriculture African & African-American Alumni Association (CAAAAAA)

IAC, I've followed the GG's instructions and I've added some firewall
apps of my own. I've even switched DNS's. So, hopefully, this won't
happen again. Nevertheless, not only do I feel bad about my own
"violation," so to speak, but I also feel bad about all of those
people and organizations who became the victims of my victimization.
All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"––a strange complaint to
come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
–Mark Twain

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