"Intercept" > prevent?

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Thu Aug 26 13:54:32 UTC 2010

At 8/26/2010 02:09 AM, Wilson Gray wrote:
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> From slashdot.com:
>"... [A]n extension can now intercept resources from loading."

Well, not the best word, perhaps, but not too implausible an
extension of meaning for "intercept"?

It's probably not how it happens, but "intercept" (v) sense 1
includes "to cut off from the destination aimed at."  Assuming my
inference about the context is correct, then -- The destination aimed
at (by the user) is the "resource" that does not load because the
file extension is incorrect.

And "2[a]. To cut off or stop (a person or thing) from accomplishing
some purpose; *to prevent*, stop, hinder. Const. from (inf.). Now
rare or Obs."  Most recent citation 1793, Jefferson.

And "[2]b. To check, *prevent*, or cut off (the operation or effect
of an event, action, faculty, etc.)."  Most recent citation 1843.

And "4. To cut off (one thing) from (another) ..."  (The file is cut
off from the resource.)


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