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At 11:10 AM -0400 8/27/10, Laurence Horn wrote:
>I'm surprised neither Geoff (well, maybe not that surprised) nor
>(especially) the commenters mentioned the role of football

--by which I meant of course American football, NFL style, whence my
non-surprise at Geoff Pullum's non-mention of Kordell "Slash" Stewart.


>  in the
>evolution of "Slash" as a sobriquet, in particular the original
>Slash, Kordell Stewart, who was a quarterback in college at the U. of
>Colorado but was converted to a multipurpose receiver/back-up
>quarterback/running back/kick returner for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
>Here's a brief bio:
>Longtime Steelers color announcer Myron Cope, who had an inimitable
>on-air style, dubbed him Slash and it stuck, now being occasionally
>applied (as a noun!) to other all-purpose players.
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