infectious = 'imparting excitement, enjoyment, etc.'

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At 8/27/2010 01:35 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>CNN asked a grad studentfrom Connecticut why she chose to enter Tulane as a
>freshman soon after the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina.
>Her reply: "Because New Orleans is an infectious city."
>Not in OED.

Is this very far from "5. Of actions, emotions, etc.: Having the
quality of spreading from one to another; 'catching',
contagious."?  From a1611, with
      1866 G. MACDONALD Ann. Q. Neighb. xi. (1878) 200 How hearty and
infectious his laughter! 1899 Nation (N.Y.) 12 Oct. 275/2 An
infectious good humour and urbanity.

Here applied to a city rather than a person.  And what better than a
city can be urban(e)?

I will assume JL approves of the use and disapproves of its absence
from the OED.


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