Personal seedless watermelons

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Sun Aug 29 17:16:41 UTC 2010

  Doesn't anyone remember the "personal pizza" that started out as
"personal-pan pizza"?

GNA has "personal-size pizza" going back to 1972 (at least--NYT), with
an explosion in 1989 along with "personal pizza" (earlier hits for the
latter all appear to be spurious). But the latter was actually preceded
by the original "personal pan pizza" promo in 1982 (Pizza Hut).


On 8/29/2010 10:41 AM, Laurence Horn wrote:
> At 2:30 PM +0000 8/29/10, ronbutters at wrote:
>> My Sunday Kroger newspaper inserts offers a special price for
>> "Personal seedless watermelons"; does this seem weird to anyone but
>> me?
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> Presumably the contrast isn't with impersonal ones, but with the
> default family-size ones.  It might have been formed analogously with
> personal pan pizzas, although the latter is intended for a
> single-shot consumption by a random person, while perhaps the
> personal watermelons are intended to last for a couple of sittings.
> LH

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