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Mon Aug 30 17:55:48 UTC 2010

That may be the case, at least, with the initial promo, but it
certainly does not explain the evolution to "personal pizza" and
"personal size pizza". Good luck parsing "personal [size pizza]"!

In any case, both kinds of bracketing are possible with "personal pan
pizza". If you recall the original promo, on-site it was served in the
pan. Of course, once it went into a box, it became a "pan pizza", no
matter how one parsed it. If you picked a similar product from another
chain or from the supermarket freezer, it would be called "individual
size pizza", which raises a different sort of chuckles and heckles.

OT: Pizza Hut now serves "personal pizza" at Taco Bells that don't
even share space with Pizza Hut (PH, TB and KFC are all owned by the
same corporation). At the same time, the eat-in space at most of these
has shrunk and new ones are being built with barely two or three
tables. Finding one McDonald's size is almost impossible today. One
could say that they now serve "impersonal pizza".


On 8/29/10, Neal Whitman <nwhitman at> wrote:
> I always parsed it "personal [pan pizza]".
> Neal

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