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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Aug 31 00:35:38 UTC 2010

At 12:56 AM +0100 8/31/10, Chris Waigl wrote:
>On 21 Aug 2010, at 15:03, ronbutters at AOL.COM wrote:
>>  In contexts other than hunting (and/or ducks), does one often/rarely
>>  find a plural without the plural form, as for the word "fish"?  (I
>>  suspect this is virtually impossible to search for via Google.)
>I was reminded of this discussion when I came across this opening
>sentence of a NYT article today:
>Federal inspections of the two Iowa egg farms at the heart of a
>nationwide recall and salmonella outbreak found widespread safety
>problems, including barns infested with flies, maggot and rodents,
>the Food and Drug Administration said Monday.
Interesting.  Said article at that link now reads (from the top):

Barns infested with flies, maggots and scurrying rodents, and
overflowing manure pits were among the widespread food safety
problems that federal inspectors found at a group of Iowa egg farms
at the heart of a nationwide recall and salmonella outbreak.

Inspection reports released by the Food and Drug Administration on
Monday described - often in nose-pinching detail - possible ways that
salmonella could have been spread undetected through the vast
complexes of two companies.

I guess they must have found more than that one maggot in the
meantime.  I love the "nose-pinching detail".


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