The plural of "moose" is ...

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Tue Aug 31 01:35:45 UTC 2010

On 31 Aug 2010, at 01:48, Victor Steinbok wrote:
> Well, I'd think this is simply the difference of apprehending the food in question as something that contains a certain amount of a substance -- which might come from a part of a single animal or parts of several interchangeable animals -- versus multiple complete units. You get the same with fruit and vegetables: melon versus cherries; lettuce and pumpkin versus peas and carrots. Some function both ways ("apple", for example).
On the blog: 
"But when it comes to fruits and vegetables, even after a pass through the universal grinder (or a real-world food processor), not all of the count nouns turn into mass nouns. Some, like pears, remain count nouns."


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