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> I was sometimes surprised when ordering breakfast, such as when "sausage" didn't refer to finger-shaped items held together by a sausage casing but patty-shaped slabs of a ground-meat-based substance.

After my family had moved North from Texas, my sense of surprise was
exactly the opposite of yours! ;-)

Considering that Texas has a large population of German ancestry, I'm
sure that not every Texan would have reacted as I did. But I was most
certainly taken aback to discover that, if you went to the store and
asked the butcher for "sausage," he would reply by asking what kind of
sausage it was that you wanted.

What kind? Mean to say, you think that there's more than *one* kind?
Braunschweigerwurst (a favorite food of mine from very early
childhood) is a kind of sausage? You don't say so! "Cold cuts" are a
medley of slices from various kinds of sausages? I declare!

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