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Shouldn't it be "and when you discovered"?  "Discover" sounds fine to me;
"found" would also work, but perhaps it was avoided for sounding a bit too
dramatic.  Or maybe not.


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>        Context suggests that the last line of the excerpt should say
> something like "vote, and when you discovered that you were ineligible
> to vote because you were not a United States Citizen."  The text clearly
> is garbled as quoted (by Fox News, not by Victor, who reproduced their
> version accurately); in the quoted form, it seems to say that the
> immigrant discovered he was not a U.S. citizen, then rushed out to
> register to vote.  I don't think an unusual meaning of "discovered" is
> intended.
> John Baker
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>  I am not sure what to file this under. And I am not interested in the
> discussion of politics of the issue in the article. What attracted my
> attention was the phrasing.
> Here is an excerpt from the DHS letter cited in the article:
> > "Submit ... evidence that you have been removed from the roll of
> > registered voters. This can be accomplished by contacting your local
> > election commission where you registered and voted. Submit a letter of
> > explanation of why you registered to vote, and where you registered to
> > vote, when you discovered that you were not a United States Citizen."
> This sounds like a cross-examination in a Three Stooges court: "So, when
> did you discover that you're human, Dr. Fine?"
> In what sense is "discover" the right word here?
> VS-)
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