Howitzer (earlier points 1739 and 1759)

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Why would you assume it meant throwing the actual guns into the town?


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> I should have been clear what I meant by "ways back"... There a couple
> of separate clusters--the ones with a -b- and a -w-, then each
> subdividing for -a/au- and -o-. Indeed, the 1761 quote for howitzer
> shell is there. However, I am not even convinced that it /does/ refer
> to the shell. Here's the quote:
> 1761 Brit. Mag. II. 442 A..body of Russians..had begun to throw some
> howitzers into that town, with an intention to set the magazines on
> fire.
> Not having the full context, it is hard to judge for sure, but if I
> came across this statement in context, I would have assumed it
> referred to the ordnance, not ammunition.

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