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Sat Jun 5 14:56:08 UTC 2010

In Andrew Porter's short story "Azul" (first published in *One Story* in
2006, later collected in the book *The Theory of Light and Matter*), the
narrator says this in the first paragraph: "Azul has been seeing this boy
Ramon for the past three months." At the end of the paragraph, the narrator
says that Azul "and Ramon have been seeing each other romantically for
almost a month."

I thought the first "see," in context, made it clear that Azul and Ramon
were having a romantic relationship. But then we are told that, after two
months of non-romantic "seeing," a romantic "seeing" began.

Does that sound odd to anyone else? Or am I alone in jumping to the
conclusion that the first "seeing" (because it said "seeing *each other*")
implied a romantic relationship?

-- Rick

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