herikan [sp?]

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There's a slight difference. The BE version might be spelled
"herri-can." I.e. the third syllable has a full vowel  - aesc - and
the word has the same stress pattern as the standard pronunciation.


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>> The phrase, "like a hurricane" [hErI.k&n], occurs in a song by Chuck
>> Berry. Unfortunately, Neil Young has written - or should that be,
>> "wrote"? - a song with the title, Like A Hurricane, which comes up
>> whether I try "hurricane," "herrican," "herikan," etc. No doubt the
>> title of the Berry song will eventually return to me. IAC, "h[E]rikan"
>> is a common BE pronunciation of _hurricane_, just as [hErI] for
>> "hurry" is so common that it was once likewise common in the speech of
>> your humble correspondent.
>> (Jon, you go, boy!)
> It's not just a BE pronunciation幼onsider the small Utah town of
> Hurricane, pronounced [hE.rI.k at n] or [hr.I.k*n], depending on who's
> saying it, by all the white people from there.
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