The magistrate said "Merry", the defendant said "Mary"

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The Dialect Survey -
by Bert Vaux University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee discusses Mary/marry/merry and other words with nice maps of dialect areas.  See number 15.

Results show that 57% say all three words the same.  The states that say them differently are on the NE coast from Mass to (would you believe) "Mary"land.

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> At 1:39 AM -0400 6/11/10, Wilson Gray wrote:
>>On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 8:02 PM, David Wake <dwake at> wrote:
>>> many speakers in the East Coast and in the South do not have the
>>> complete merger.
>>In the Southern BE of Marshall, TX, It's
>>Mary [merI], merry [mErI], marry [m&rI]
> Pretty much the same for my NYC dialect, except that
> (i) my final unstressed vowel is [i], and
> (ii) I've never been quite sure how to represent that first one;
> "Mary" is distinct from "merry" and "marry", which are pretty clearly
> as Wilson transcribes them, but she isn't really "May-ree" either (as
> in "maybe" with an r), given the r-coloring of the /e/ vowel.
> LH
>>But, in Saint BE, it's
>>Mary, merry [mEri], marry [m&ri]
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