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> I forwarded this (with Garson's link) to my wife, a retired librarian.
> She
> replies:
> Objects produced for sale by the American Library Association
> the
> > remark to Groucho Marx. I wouldn't mess with the ALA when it comes
> > citations.
> >
> Which may mean they know something we haven't come up with, or that
> they're
> not immune to pop attribution, or that it doesn't matter to them in
> this
> case.
> Do any of the Groucho attributions offer checkable citations? By 1954
> Groucho was sixty and his career was largely over. (
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groucho_Marx)

"Largely over"?????  He continued to do "You Bet Your Life" on TV until
1961, and beyond in re-runs.  I'll bet more people saw him on TV from
1954-1961 than ever saw him on film or stage together.
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