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OED has 1888.

>From the ADS-L archives, it appears that Fred Shapiro has an 17 July
1886 cite; Sam Clements a 29 Aug 1886 cite; and Barry Popik a 29 Sep
1886 cite.

Add to the list:

_The Sporting Life_ 4 Aug 1886 p 4 col 5
"Harry Stovey is suffering from "Charley-horse" -- a contraction of the
muscles -- in both legs and can only run with difficulty."

_The Sporting Lift_ 18 Aug 1886 p 1 col 6
"Roger Connor is again troubled with Charlie-horse, and is quite lame."

This article gives information on the origination of the term:

_Macon [GA] Telegraph_ 27 July 1886 p 5 col 1
"Several years ago, says the Chicago Tribune, Joe Quest, now of the
Athletics, gave the name of "Charlie horse" to a peculiar contraction
and hardening of the muscles and tendons of the thigh, to which baseball
players are especially liable from the sudden starting and stopping in
chasing balls, as well as the frequent slides in base running."

More background on origins:
_Omaha World Herald_ 28 Apr 1989 p 5 col 3
"It is a strain of the rear muscles of the thigh and the veteran Joe
Quest was the man who gave it the name.   One of the Chicago players had
just pulled up with a bad strain and Joe remarked that he hobbled like
an old Charlie-horse, and from that time on this injury has known no
other name."
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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