Earlier English Pronunciation

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YouTube has numerous clips. I leave it to the scholars to decide whether
Roddy McDowell (born in London) and the other non-Scots were using
"authentic Scot accents."



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> Browsing in Leonard Maltin's "Classic Movie Guide" (2005), I find
> that he writes about Orson Welles' "Macbeth" (1948; 89 min.):  "Most
> revival houses now show Welles' original version, which runs 105m.
> and has the actors speaking with authentic Scot accents."
> To my regret he doesn't say Scot accents of what period, nor what
> accent is used in the 89 min. version. Nor for that matter whether
> the text is translated into modern English (Scots?).
> Joel
> At 6/16/2010 09:31 AM, Dave Wilton wrote:
>> After posting, I emailed a colleague who specializes in medieval drama to
>> ask this very question. His response was that the usual practice for modern
>> performances is not only to use modern pronunciation, but to translate the
>> works into modern English as well.
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