Language notes from the slopes of E-15.

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It's also a good bet that any Icelander that you encounter will have
heard of any other Icelander of any note, e.g. "famous in the field."
At M.I.T in the '70's, I had an Icelandic classmate who is now
somewhat known in the field. In the '80's, I encountered a random
Harvard undergraduate from Iceland. When I started to tell him about
my former classmate, he interrupted, saying, "Of course! You're
referring to Prof. [Hoskuldur] Thrainsson!" He went on to explain that
Iceland is such a small country, without a lot happening, that, in
effect, the entire population has already been (in)famous, locally,
for at least fifteen minutes. It was very likely that, if I met
another Icelander and mentioned my interlocutor's name, that Icelander
probably would be at least familiar with it - Local Boy Makes Good!
Admitted To Harvard! - and, perhaps, might even be from the same

OTOH, I peaked dekkids ago, when George Lakoff, famous in the field of
linguistics, upon meeting me, expostulated, "Oh, yes! I've heard of
you!" Otherwise, though I have been close to greatness, yet have I
failed to achieve greatness.

BTW, a nephew of the late William Safire is FITF of M.I.T.-school linguistics.


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> 6. English-language T-shirts warning "DON'T FUCK WITH ICELAND! We may not
> have cash, but we've got ash!"
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> It took me several readings before I realized this was not a proclamation of alphabetic pride.
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