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My bad in not extracting "Pamela" from the other six lines of the title page.


At 3/6/2010 11:26 PM, Robin Hamilton wrote:
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>>>With that in mind, [GB copy of] a volume residing at Oxford:
>>>Pamela: Or, Virtue Rewarded: In a Series of Familiar Letters from a
>>>Beautiful Young Damsel to Her Parents: and Afterwards, in Her Exalted
>>>Condition, Between Her, and Persons of Figure and Quality, Upon the
>>>Most Important and Entertaining Subject In Genteel Life. The Third and
>>>Fourth Volumes, by the Editor of the Two Firsts. Printed for Samuel
>>>Richardson; 1842, p. 191
>>> > A Method I take it, my Dear, /turning to me/, that was of great
>>>Service to you, as it initiated you into Writing with the Freedom
>>>and Ease, which shine in your sauce Letters and Journals ; and to
>>>which my present Fetters are not a little owing : Just as Pedlars
>>>catch Monkeys in the Baboon Kingdoms, provoking the attentive
>>>Fools, by their own Example, to put on Shoes and Stockens, till the
>>>Apes of Imitation, trying to do the like, intangle their Feet, and
>>>so cannot escape upon the Boughs of the Tree of Liberty, on which
>>>before they were wont to hop arid skip about, and play a thousand
>>>puggish Tricks.
>>I don't see the relevance of an 1842 work to the 1765 tree and phrases.
>_Pamela_ was originally published in 1740.
>Even if Victor's cite is from one of the additions, as for instance
>Fielding -- you know, the elder brother of the blind magistate at Bow
>Street -- took it on twice, once with _Shamela_ (which is actually rather
>funny) and later with _Joseph (brother of Pamela) Andrews_.
>Whatever, we're still well inside the eighteenth century here.
>But such is fame -- apparently Richardson's place (along with Defoe,
>Fielding, and Sterne) as one of the foremothers of the English novel has
>passed it's ten minutes of fame sell-by date.
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