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Wed Mar 10 18:37:54 UTC 2010

Is portability a factor? Or /was/ it ever a factor? I came across
several pictures of industrial size bassinets, including one that
converts into a bookcase or a play-table with chair and other that look
like cribs (or, rather, a large oval basket hanging inside a crib-like
structure). But these seem to be stretching the traditional sense.

As does this


On 3/10/2010 8:47 AM, Arnold Zwicky wrote:
> but bassinets aren't necessarily made of wicker (they can even be made
> of plastic, in "laundry basket bassinets"), and AHD4 eliminates wicker
> from its definition (while bringing out the basket connection): 'an
> oblong basketlike bed for an infant'.  bassinets serve as beds for
> small infants; some are portable, some not.
> further sense development: according to the Wikipedia entry, in some
> places 'a bassinet is also the term for a baby bouncing device used to
> relax a baby when it is going to sleep.'
> arnold

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