Still Earlier Antedating of "Restaurant"

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Depending on the search string, this volume pops up in the third or
fourth "ten" (I searched for pre-1823, at first, then pre-1819, but
with slightly different prompts). There are actually a number of hits
in the 1802-1803 period, including at least four copies of The Monthly
Magazine for 1803. But, because of slow connection, I only got through
the first 50 or so hits, of which more than half are misdated
(although many are from 1860s and 1890s instead of 1800s--a very
common GB error). Some, like the two you mention are so obvious, they
don't need to be checked, of course.


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> At 3/13/2010 09:51 PM, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
>>And still earlier:
>>1806 John Pinkerton _Recollections of Paris in the years 1802-3-4-5_
>>II. 469 (Google Books)  If a _restaurant_ be established, it shall
>>not be permitted to take eatables, or drink beer or wine in the
>>reading-room, billiard-room, or gaming-room, but only in those
>>destined for that use.
> How *did* you find this?  The first hit I got from Bungle Books was
> "Alice's restaurant: a screenply, 1070; the second :"United Stated
> code service, 1700.  I gave up.
> Joel
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